Even though many think that working as an escort is easy the truth is that things are not as simple as they appear to be. The whole recruiting process is a quite complicating one and the girls need to pass some difficult tests. In case you want to find out more about how escort agencies recruit, then you must continue to read this article.


The most important aspect of all is the health. The girls who apply for this type of job must be extremely healthy from all points of view. There are some tests that they need to take and if all of them are okay, then they have a chance to become escorts. Even the smallest health problem can be an issue.


A good escort is without a doubt beautiful. The natural beauty is the most appreciated one among all clients. You as a client will often see on escort websites extremely beautiful girls who don’t actually look like that in real life. This type of scams you must avoid and that’s why it is necessary to do a good research before you actually request the services of an escort. However, any girl who wants to become an escort must certainly meet this essential requirement.


Beauty is not enough because most clients also want to communicate with the escort on different themes. Furthermore, there are men who are looking for escorts in order to accompany them to different important events. Therefore, besides the fact that an escort must be very beautiful and attractive it must also be extremely communicative and intelligent at the same time. The more qualities the girl has the more clients she will actually have.


Intelligence is definitely sexy and if you want to become a high-class escort then you must be extremely smart. Most agencies look for intelligent girls who can attract increasingly more clients, who later increase the incomes of the company. Therefore, the recruiters will always look for girls who are easy going and who can talk about different subjects, not only sex. In case you don’t meet this requirement you should not even think to apply for this type of job.

Seriousness and Organization

An escort must be extremely serious and organized at the same time when it comes to her job. Clients don’t like those girls who delay at the appointments. Not being organized and serious will surely make you lose lots of important clients, and therefore plenty of money. You surely want to earn a great amount of money if you enter into this industry, and you can achieve this goal only by completely focusing on what you have to do.

In conclusion, what we have shown you in this article is essential in order to become a high-class escort. Therefore, any girl who is interested in this must make sure it has all the above qualities in order to increase her chances of being employed. Keep in mind that serious escort agencies will always hire you with all the papers in order.